Coding,the witchery of the real world





Essay 6:



strive for a A


According to an anonymous survey

slack off 懈怠

cram for a exam 为考试补习

let alone (do sth.)

prestigious postgraduate schools 著名的研究生院

upon graduation 毕业后

Making full preparation is the key to accomplishing the goal.

Essay 7:



power bank/portable charge



drastic changes 剧烈变化/巨大变化

dramatic changes 戏剧性的变化

run out 耗尽

But the change is not without problems

become slave of ~~/be slave to

Essay 8:



Doing sth. is never an easy matter

settle a problem


under systematic arrangements

have less time on their own stuffs

have a quick, clear grasp of how much their children know about a particulaar sbject.

To sum up

should not place hope solely on either

get into debt 负债累累

be free/when are you free和have time 和 available

Essay 9:



As is described in the cartoon

billboard广告板 Bulletin Board公告板

I think the cartoon is used to highlight two different attitudes towards life

reproach 责备

be above reporach 无可非议

qualities that play important roles throughout one’s life

shoulder responsibilities for our society 承担社会责任

money is important to us college students but should not be placed at top of our agendas.

cure the society 改善社会




​ The annual English Writing Contest help by the school of Foreign Languages is due to commence on September 28th. To celebrate the fothcoming 70th anniversary of the foundation of People’s Repulic of China, the contest is titled “My people, My Country’. In addition to a certificate and a sum of award, all the winners are expeced to recevie a specially designed silver medallion.

​ Registration is now accepted. Given that the number of appilcants may hit a record high this year, every applicant sould submit an essay about 300 words on “To Be a Responsible College Student in this Era” in order for the committee to select 100 candidates for the final competiton.

​ Good luck to everyone and happy birthday to our country in advance.

Zhang Hua

Students’ Union

​ The 70th anniversar of the foundation of People’s Republicc of China is at hand, which is due to take place next month. In order to celebrate and sing high praise of the great achievements we have accomplished in the past seven decades impressively, fantastic performances are badly needed.

​ For one thing, performances are expected to be extremely meaningful and full of youthful spirit. More significantly, those embodying Chinese culture unique to our mmotherland are preferred. For another, in view of the fact that not only do a variety of performances enable us to get rid of pressure from our study but also they inspire us to work hard and make great contributins to our country.

​ If you are interested, please send an email to during working hours.

Postgraduate Association